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Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are the most commonly found pest in Florida to destroy lawns and are present all year long. Chinch bugs are attracted to areas that are drought stressed. The best solution to prevent any chinch bug problems are to make sure the lawn is receiving 1 inch of water weekly. Chinch bugs can cause thousands of dollars of damage within weeks of their initial appearance so it is very important that they are treated immediately upon their appearance.

Chinch bugs(yes they are that small!)

Chinch bugs

Destruction caused by chinch bugs
Chinch bugs


Fungus occurs when conditions are right. There are many types of fungi that occur in Florida lawns and landscapes. A fungus needs three things to be present; a host plant, bacteria and the right environmental conditions. The perfect environment for a fungus is damp with extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, Florida has the perfect environment. Fortunately, the types of fungus that are the most common do not cause irreparable damage. They tend to make the lawn or leaves of the host plant look brown in areas but the grass or plant will make a full recovery if treated properly.

Dollar Spot fungus

Dollar spot fungus

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